Helping homeowners get the correct Air Source Heat Pump

It’s easy to incorrectly size an Air Source Heat Pump and when it comes to all of the registrations and certifications, your chosen installer may not be accredited to fulfil all of the requirements. We aid you and your installer every step of the way, ensuring your heating is perfectly tailored to your home.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Typically, homes are heated using Gas, Oil, LPG or Electric. However, there are renewable energy alternatives that are much more efficient and provide a much more sustainable solution. The average Air Source Heat Pump runs at around 350% efficiency so could save you hundreds on your energy bills.

In essence it works a bit like a fridge, or an outdoor air conditioning unit, only in reverse. They generate heat using the air outside which heats the water in your central heating system.

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Why should I get an Air Source Heat Pump?

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Decrease carbon emissions
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Heats both your home and your water
  • More efficient than fossil fuel systems
  • Government grants are available
  • Futureproof your home
  • Requirement for new builds from 2025

At MSS we are passionate about Air Source Heat Pumps and believe everyone should have one! We can help to ensure they are designed properly to enable maximum efficiency.

The MSS Process

Below is a brief overview of our processes which ensures that the installation is fully MCS compliant and could also allow you to apply for any available government funding.

  • We complete a full survey of your home to understand the energy requirements.
  • We complete calculations to design a bespoke system for your home
  • We check that the electrical supply for your home is sufficient
  • We check that your chosen installers have the necessary qualifications
  • We provide you with a contractual agreement
  • We check and sign off the system after the install has taken place
  • We certify your heat pump with MCS and all other regulatory bodies
  • We provide a full handover pack allowing you to apply for any available grants

Is my home eligible for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Can I get an Air Source Heat Pump?

Anyone can have an Air Source Heat Pump and depending on your existing heating system there are some great savings to be made if designed and installed correctly. However, if they are undersized this could end up costing you more in energy bills so your heat pump needs to be correct to achieve the desired efficiencies and savings.

Will I be eligible for any funding?

The Government has a carbon net-zero target and is therefore providing financial incentives to support homeowners to 'go green' and improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

To promote renewable energy and Air Source Heat Pumps in particular, the Government have announced the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) which is a £7,500 upfront payment in the form of a voucher. The scheme is administered by Ofgem and there are a number of criteria and strict regulations that must be met in order to apply, one of which is that the heat pump must be approved by MCS and the installation company must also be MCS accredited.

Get in touch and we can support you with the application and redemption of your voucher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As specialists in Air Source Heat Pumps we often receive enquiries about their suitability and application. Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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