MSS help Homeowners get the correct Air Source Heat Pump

It’s very easy to incorrectly size an Air Source Heat Pump or cylinder and when it comes to all the registrations and certifications your installer may not have the capacity to fulfil all the requirements. We aid you and your installer every step of the way, ensuring your heating is perfectly tailored to your home.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

In your home you will commonly have a Gas, Oil or Biomass boiler or you might be running solely from electric. There are renewable energy technologies that have been on the market for over 15 years now… this is no longer new and untested technology. The average Air Source Heat Pump runs at 350% efficiency! Literally 3x better per KWH.

In essence it works a bit like an outdoor air conditioning unit or fridge only in reverse and generates heat using the air outside which heats the water in your central heating system.

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Why get one? What are the benefits?

  • It can reduce fuel bills
  • Lower home carbon emissions
  • There is minimal maintenance required
  • It heats BOTH your home and your water
  • It is 350% efficient per KWH on average
  • Protected against rising Gas/Oil costs
  • LANDLORDS can also benefit including no paying for a new Gas Certificate every time a tenant leaves
  • It can provide you with an income through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

All of us at MSS are passionate about Air Source Heat Pumps and believe everyone should have one! We can help you choose the right Air Source Heat Pump.

The MSS Process

Please see below a brief overview of the processes to which we follow to get your Air Source Heat Pump up and running

  • BEFORE the installation takes place, we send you estimates on what your energy bills might be vs your current set up AND what RHI you might be entitled to
  • Make sure your heat pump is certified with MCS and all correct regulatory bodies
  • Survey of your home to understand its needs and what your requirements are
  • Our experts sign off and check the system after the install has taken place
  • Design a system bespoke to your home
  • We can aid with grants to help get money back from the government after your install
  • Create a handover pack including all certification needed to sign up for the Renewable Heating Incentive
  • We have been doing this since Air Source Heat Pumps and MCS started in the UK, our engineers are used by all major manufacturers as experts, we can apply that knowledge to your home!

Eligibility for an ASHP

Can I get an Air Source Heat Pump?

There are some really good savings with an Air Source Heat Pump, but please note that getting a wrong size could mean it costs you more in running costs. Your heating system and choice of pump needs to be right to achieve the desired efficiencies and savings.

Will I be eligible to get an energy grant?

The government is pro-green energy and has a financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat and help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme will provide quarterly payments for seven years, depending on your eligibility. However, the regulations are strict around installation and technologies used and every installation must be certified by MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme) and installed by an accredited installer. Homeowners must also have a valid EPC to be eligible.

MSS can help to make the whole process much easier.

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As specialists in Air Source Heat Pumps we often receive enquiries about their suitability and application. Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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