About Us

Our Story

Hello and welcome to the world of MSS. We started up in February 2020 and with what was happening in the UK/World we could not predict how tough that would be! BUT with many late nights, cups of coffee and Zoom meetings HERE WE ARE!

Our story began over 15 years ago as an installation company, fitting renewables including Air Source Heat Pumps all over the UK for both domestic and commercial properties. Within that time, we worked with the vast majority of all major manufacturers of Air Source Heat Pumps, designing and installing all types of heat pumps to suit an array of buildings. We also witnessed the inception of MCS in the Air Source Heat Pump industry, along with numerous government incentives to try and turn people onto green energy which was brilliant for regulation and meant there was a benchmark for the standard of installs.

However, due to the complexity of design, paperwork, heat loss calculations and registrations this put a lot of excellent Heating Engineers/ Plumbers off the idea of renewables, and they reverted back to installing Gas or Oil boilers. In addition, people who were interested in making the switch from fitting Gas/Oil were put off the idea and chose to stick to what they knew, missing an incredible opportunity in an industry that is now flourishing and cannot be ignored.

The Mission

Allow every brilliant Plumber, Heating Engineer or Apprentice access this multi-billion-pound green heating sector and not be scared off by ANYTHING. The government have stated by 2025 new build homes will have to be fitted with a renewable heating set up, so it is literally a matter of time until most engineers need to adopt this technology as the average UK homeowner MOVES TO GREENER HEATING!


We support installers right from the initial quote, IN FACT WE HELP WITH THAT. Our main aim is to build relationships with existing and new installers who can use us to take away the stress so they can focus on what they are trained for… INSTALLS. At MSS we will survey, design, perform heat loss calculations, raise contract paperwork, certify & sign off AND register with all the relevant parties.

YOU install and WE take care of the rest.